Infrastructure Of Divine Group

Within only a decade, Divine Group by hyper-growth has been transformed into a futuristic entrepreneurial saga. Its production has branched out into eight full fledged factories at four locations- Chandra, Kaliakoir in Gazipur, Chowgacha in Jossore, Savar and Mirpur Dhaka.

Divine Group Chandra premise houses an ultra-modern Divine Textile Ltd, with fourth storied building as the main one. Divine Textile Ltd.Unit-2 a new 09- storied building in the same premises.

Divine Textile Ltd. at Chandra, Housed in four floors of 24,000 sft, employees 750 staff with a daily production capacity of 12,000 pieces of complete garments per day, while 2650 staff of Divine Textile Ltd. unit -2 at the same premises produce around 50,000 pieces of garments per day.

Divine Fabric Ltd. Established on 16.5 acres land with 9 (Nine) building currently covering 398,546 sft space. Fabrics Knitting Dyeing Section is consist of fabric knitting, fabrics dyeing and fabrics finishing, three separate section linked in a chain. Equipped with world renounced brand machinery like Pailung, Guven Celik, Dilminler, Bruckner, Lafer etc. Fabrics knitting and dyeing production capacity 8,000kg/day and fabrics finishing production capacity 50,000kg/day. Yarn dyeing section processes gray yarn for knitting and average production capacity 6,000kg/day.

Divine Group Ltd. has its own Wastage Water Treatment Plant (ETP) and 200 cubic/m dyed water has been treated in this campus and go through the outside.

Divine Group home base is Gazipur - a city furnished with the largest Garments factory of Bangladesh. It had been center of Textiles and garments in this region ever since the middle ages - a time when it was world famous forts ethereal muslin-and has continued in that tradition as the happening place for Knitwear. A busy area, availability of skilled artisans, and a range of other facilities and possibilities render it the ideal ground for Divine Group.

It launched its journey in 1997 from a own building at Gazipur. From that humble cocoon, with virtue of its futuristic enterprise, dedication to quality, commitment to excellence, keen focus on customers' satisfaction and state-of-the-art technology, it rapidly metamorphosed into a large corporate entity, in its most modern sense, by 2001.

Since its inception, Divine Group has never stopped growing - in quality, quantity, capacity and everything in between. Its production has branched out into Eleven fledged factories at four locations - Chandra in Gazipur, Chowgacha in Jassore, Mirpur in Dhaka and near EPZ in Savar. Divine Group at present has a daily production capacity of over 25 tons of knitted fabric, 30 tons of dyed fabric, 80 tons of finished fabric, 6 tons of yarn dyeing and 60,000 pieces of complete Garments.

Contact Details

Head Office:
House # 348, Road # 26
New DOHS Mohakhali, Dhaka
Phone- 88-02-9886163

Factory Address-1:
Palli Biddut, Chandra
Kaliakoir, Gazipur

Factory Address-2:
Kewa, Sreepur

Factory Address-3:
Chowgacha, Jashore

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